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By | August 29, 2013

You never know when creating a large number of folders at once might need someone, somewhere on this planet of ours, and precisely for this reason today I’m gonna be talking to you about a free mass folder creator for Windows and Mac called Post Haste which you can use in order to easily create folders (and files) using various different directory structure templates that you yourself can setup.

Post Haste folder creator windows mac free automatic

Templates, which are required for folder creation, can be seen on the image above. A template is basically a hierarchical map that tells this free mass folder creator how the folders are gonna be created. You get 5 templates by default which are gonna create folders for photography, graphics, web design, etc. The reason why these types of templates are included is because Post Haste has been envisioned as a folder creator for various different projects that developers are working on.

Post Haste folder creator windows mac free automatic template showing

How to create folders automatically using this free mass folder creator

Let’s say for example that you need to work on a web design. Most web designers/developers setup a special folder where they add various different sub-folders for mockups, Photoshop files, production documents and eventually when they start coding the website, they create a site folder which again has sub-folders for images, scripts, styles and so on. Normally, for every new web design/project that you’re working on, these directories would have to be created manually, but now with this free mass folder creator, that’s no longer necessary.

If you don’t like the folder structure layout that the default templates have, and you probably won’t, you can either create a new one by clicking on the Add button underneath the left sidebar or you can edit existing ones. In either case to add a folder (or file) to the template simply click Add from under the folder list on the right. To remove them, click Remove of course.

Post Haste folder creator windows mac free automatic creating folder

Here’s a similar tool that we talked about before:
Subfolder Tools

So now that we have the folder structure template setup, simply open up the New Project tab and there type in the very basic setup where you need to add project number, name, etc. What you type here is gonna be showed for the main folder name. If you don’t want to show date, simply erase it. You can see a preview of the main folder name down below. When you’re done, click Create project to automatically create all the folders (and files) from the template that you’ve setup. You’ll be asked where you want to save the folder.

Post Haste folder creator windows mac free automatic created folders

Example of how folder structure created with this free mass folder creator looks like can be seen on the image above. I used the video production template, but like I already explained, templates can be edited so that any folder/file combo is created.

Download and impressions

Make sure that you try Post Haste a try if you need to create a lot of folders and files using custom hierarchical structures. It’s very easy to use and setup.

Download: Click Here


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