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By | August 23, 2013

Today I would like to share with you something very useful that I came across recently, an online service called GuerrillaMail, which is a free disposable email where you can create temporary email addresses. Disposable emails don’t even have to be created, you just have to open up the homepage and your very own temporary email is available right away. You will also see your inbox opened with a welcome email without having to register or do anything along the lines of giving your private information, and that’s the point.

GuerrillaMail disposable email temporary create free

Online privacy is a hard thing to come by these days. It just might be something that never existed at all when it comes to the Internet. This is not just true when it comes to governments who are getting increasingly interested in knowing what we do online, but also various spammers and malicious hackers who are always out to get private information about people so they can sell it or use it for their own diabolical schemes, mwohahaha. On the image above you can see GuerrillaMail disposable email in action.

GuerrillaMail disposable email temporary create free edit

The only setting of this free disposable email that you get to tweak can be seen on the image above. GuerrillaMail will automatically generate a string of random letters for your email, but if you click on that random string of letters (see first image from the top), you can change it to something else, if you want. A total of 9 different email domains are also available, if you’re not happy with the default

GuerrillaMail disposable email temporary create free mail

Another thing that you can use to improve privacy is something called Alias Address. By activating that feature, you’ll encrypt your temporary email ID so that someone who might be intercepting message won’t know which GuerrillaMail ID sent the message. To send a message click on Compose and then fill out the usual, email address (where email will be sent), subject, message and if you want, you can even attach a file up to 150MB in size.

GuerrillaMail disposable email temporary create free reading

GuerrillaMail has been envisioned as a tool to fight against spam. You can use this free disposable email when registering on shady forums and websites so that even if you start being bombarded with spam, it will go to a fake temporary email address. When registering at such places, simply use the created GuerrillaMail email, open up inbox, click on the activation link and forget all about it.

This free temporary saves the created temporary email in cookies. This means that if you delete your cookies, you loose access to your temporary email for good. Since this is a disposable email, it gets deleted as well as any files that you might have attached when sending messages.

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