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By | August 7, 2013

Quite recently, yesterday to be more precise, I talked about a free coloring app for Android, where your little ones could find a very large number of images to which they could add color. Even though I hate to repeat myself so quickly, today came across another very useful coloring book app for kids that you can use on your Android, Coloring Book for Kids, and I thought that I should share it with you.

coloring book kids app android free coloring

Parents are probably the only ones that are gonna appreciate, next to kids of course, the coloring book app that I’m talking about today and also the ones that I talked about before. Everything that you need for managing Coloring Book for Kids is available all the way at the top. That’s the menu from where you can change the image that’s showed for coloring, there’s 140 different images that you can select.

coloring book kids app android free coloring images

For the most part they are about nature, animals, flowers, trees but there’s a little bit of everything as you can see from the two images above. To browse through the entire collection of images that this free coloring book app has to offer, you just need to swipe on the screen of course. Don’t forget to do that, because there’s a lot more photos that you can use for coloring hidden away at the bottom.

coloring book kids app android free coloring working

Just like Kid Coloring, Kid Paint, that I talked about before, there’s two ways how you can color photos. Either using the paint bucket mode, where sections of the photo are automatically filled, or you can do it manually, using a paint brush. Second method is much more fun if you ask me.

coloring book kids app android free coloring color

Menu hides a lot of different additional tools and options that you can use and tweak. There’s a large selection of colors, see image above, eraser tool for when you make a mistake and you are gonna be making mistakes, at least if you’re gonna use the paint brush to color the selected images. Coloring Book for Kids is a great way how you can distract your kids when you need to do errands. The only drawback are the ads all the way at the bottom, which might annoy some, but they are not too intrusive.

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