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By | August 5, 2013

Coloring and painting is a favorite pass time for the little ones when using Android smartphones and especially tablets. Kid Coloring, Kid Paint is a free coloring app for Android, which can also be used to draw freestyle, hence the name Kid Coloring, Kid Paint.

kid coloring kid paint coloring app android drawing

Normally coloring apps have a policy of “one tap” where the selected region of the shape that needs to be colored is tapped once and everything is automatically colored. On the example image above, if we were to tap on the roof of the house, the entire roof will have the color that you’ve selected. Freestyle coloring is when you need to use your finger to color something, by holding down a tap and moving your finger across the screen.

kid coloring kid paint coloring app android drawing example

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Shape for coloring waits for you right away after running this free coloring app for Android. Menu for controlling everything is available all the way at the top. There’s you can switch between “coloring mode” (first option), where everything is colored automatically, and the “freestyle mode” (second option), where like I already said, you have to color the shape automatically. Third option from the menu allows you to select a shape that’s gonna be colored. There’s over 250 different ones for your to select.

kid coloring kid paint coloring app android drawing select

You’re probably confused by my explanation of different coloring modes that are available, so have a look at the example on the image above. Roof is colored automatically, I just tapped once. Walls around the windows I’ve started coloring manually, using the freestyle or paint mode. There’s 4 different brush sizes that you can select and of course you can select different colors that are gonna be used, fourth and fifth menu option, respectively.

kid coloring kid paint coloring app android paint

The last option from the top left corner menu opens up a completely blank canvas, where this coloring app for Android, despite being a coloring app, also allows you to draw freely. The only drawback that I could find are the ads at the bottom. They might sometimes be a bit inappropriate but you can remove them by buying the add free version of this free coloring app for Android. Try Kid Coloring, Kid Paint and let me know how it goes.

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