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By | August 1, 2013

Darts are a lot of fun in real life, and if you want to have that same fun on your Android powered devices, then you’re in luck. Shooting Darts is a free Android darts game which let’s you enjoy darts on your smartphones and tablets running Android. This is a very small darts app, just a few megabytes in size, but it’s a lot of fun and we guarantee it.

Shooting Darts Android game free screenshot menu

All the versions of Android are supported, starting with Android 1.5. Larger screens shouldn’t have any problems using this free Android darts game because it is optimized for big resolutions. First thing that you’re gonna see when running will not be the menu that you see on the image above, but the a proposal to add desktop shortcuts, your browser homepage to be changed and whatever the third option is in that app monetization pack. You should tap Accept here to support the developers, but you can decline if you don’t want to.

Shooting Darts Android game free screenshot aiming

Main menu of this Android darts game is pretty much straightforward. In order to start playing a darts game, you need to tap on the Start option. There’s only a single player mode, which kind of sucks, but you can still take turns if you want to play with someone.

To play the game, and by that I mean to aim the dart, you’re gonna have to tap and hold on the dart and then swipe left-right, depending on where you want the dart to go. That’s just the first step of the setup.

Shooting Darts Android game free screenshot strength

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Next you need to tap on the bubble in the bottom right corner which will open up the throw strength gauge that goes up and down, see image above. When it reaches a spot where you think the strength of the throw will be just right, you can release the “bubble” and the dart will be thrown. You get three darts, and the goal is of course to hit the targets and collect as many points as possible. Everything is very simple, Shooting Darts is small and lightweight, but at the same time, it’s also a lot of fun. To compare your high score with other players of this free Android darts game, select Leaderboard from the main menu and create an account on the high scores website.

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