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By | August 16, 2013

As you probably already know, with time on Android devices the app cache can swell up a lot and become quite big, several hundred MBs big, depending on how many and what kind of apps you have. This costs you not only valuable storage space, but also battery life. Auto Cache Cleaner is a free Android cache cleaner app that lets you delete your cache manually, or if you want, it can even perform automatic app cache clean ups, every couple of hours or once a day.

app cache cleaner android free clean app cache

When you run Auto Cache Cleaner, it right away opens up a list of all the installed apps on your system that have left their mark, that have built-up cache files. On the right next to each entry you will see just how much storage has been taken up. All the way at the top you can find out how much flash memory your device has and how much of that is free. Below that there’s a search tool to help you find the app whose cache you’re interesting in cleaning more quickly.

Most Android cache cleaner apps rely on the built-in cache cleaner that Android has in order to clear out the cache, and App Cache Cleaner is no different. Task Manager, which we talked about before, does the same thing. Why would you then want to install this free Android cache cleaner app?

Well because it offers you 2 things that Android doesn’t. It can automatically delete the entire cache, of every application on the list. That’s what the Clear all cache files button at the bottom of the screenshot above is for. Of course, let’s not forget that it can also perform automatic app cache clean up every couple of hours or once a day.

app cache cleaner android free clean app cache deleting

Tap on an app from the list will open up the aforementioned Android app cleaner. Here you will have to tap on either Clear Cache or Clear Data in order to actually get rid of files.

Don’t forget to open up Settings if you would like to setup automatic app cache clean ups. Another feature of this free Android cache cleaner app is the widget, which makes it easy to clean up the entire cache by simple tapping on it. Be careful when cleaning up everything cause you might delete cache of an app that you are using and need.

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