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By | August 15, 2013

Even though most modern Android phones have incredible hardware, the kind of hardware that just a decade ago would be considered decent for a desktop computer to have, some still seem to suffer from sluggish phones, where CPU is under heavy loads making the device slower and there just never seems to be enough RAM or room for installation of new apps. Task Manager is a free Android task killer app that gives you a quick list of active apps, let’s you stop them, of course, and it can also be used to clean up cached files that installed apps have created.

task manager android process ram memory cache

What you see on the image above is not the cache cleaner but rather the task killer, where you’re gonna see a list of all the currently active applications on your Android system. This Android task killer app allows you to select the individual applications that you want stopped or you can stop the entire list. You can select how currently running apps are gonna be stopped by putting check marks next to the only ones you want stopped or if you want to kill all of them there’s check mark for selecting the entire list in the top right corner.

task manager android process ram memory cache clean

Now if you click on the Cache button in the middle of the interface down below, the initial list of currently active application will change to a different one, the cache cleaner list. Here you again get an app list, only these are the apps that have left their mark, that have build up cache which takes up space. They can again be deleted all at once or you can delete them individually.

task manager android process ram memory cache opened

For individual app cache cleaning, tap on the app from the list and you will see the standard app manager of Android. Tap on Clear Data and/or Clear Cache to delete all the cache files that were created by the selected app. Great thing about this free Android task killer and cache cleaner is that you can schedule automatic cache cleaning, like for example every half an hour or an hour.

Important apps can also be put on an exclusion list so that they are not disturbed. With Task Manager, you can easily go over all the active apps and processes that you might don’t need but are nonetheless eating up your battery, and you can easily shut them down. It can also be used to check and see which apps are eating up your free space via cache. All that in just a few taps, and there’s also automated cache cleaning via schedules, exclusion lists, what more could you need from an Android task killer app.

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