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By | August 14, 2013

There’s three things that you can do with Photo Editor for Android, which is a free Android photo effects app. Next to adding dozens of effects, it can also be used to take pictures with your phones or tablets camera, it’s a photo taker, so to speak. It also allows you to paint either on a blank canvas or on created image. Next to taking pics with your camera, photos can also be opened directly. All the common image formats are supported.

photo editor android effects draw free menu

Menu with the three tools that can be found in this Android photo effects app can be seen on the image above. Here you can choose how you want to import the photo that you want to edit. Either create a new one using camera, if your device has it, open existing photo or if you would like to play around some more, you can open up a blank canvas inside the paint tool.

photo editor android effects draw free opened image

I’ve decided to crate a new image where I would test out the effects available in Photo Editor for Android. This is a sideways photo of my desktop, literally, this is the top of my desk, where the monitor sits. So the first thing that I wanted to do is rotate the photo. To do that, I just had to tap on Rotate from the tool strip down below. Other effects that are available sepia, sketch, brightness, blur, black and white, noise and several more can be added he same way.

photo editor android effects draw free adding effects

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Here not only that I rotated my photo, but I also added the grayscale effect, in which, as you would expect it, this free Android photo effects app turns your photo to black and white. Make sure that you explore the entire effects strip by swiping left/right. At the top you have another menu for saving your work, undoing changes, sharing them on social networks right away and accessing app settings.

photo editor android effects draw free paint editor

Photos and images that are taken and edited with Photo Editor for Android can also be edited right away inside a simplistic paint app. This is great for adding thought bubbles to your friends photos, for example, or some other mischiefs. This free Android photo effects app is ad supported, but they are not too invasive. All in all a great and a very fun photo effects app.

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