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By | July 2, 2013

Preparing various nutritional shakes and/or smoothies is probably a ritual of every health nut out there. Those who are interested in changing things up a bit are probably looking for new recipes that they can try out. Shakes And Smoothies is a free smoothie recipes Android app which comes with a very large number of recipes for healthy smoothies and shakes to spice things up a bit.

Shakes and smoothies android recipes showing recipe

Shakes And Smoothies offers more than just smoothie recipes. It’s also a smoothie recipe management app for Android because you can add your own recipes to its database. The buy button which can be seen on the image above is for a nutritional supplement called Shakeology, but you are not required to buy it, recipes can be used without it.

Categories at the top allow you to switch between three types of smoothie recipes, green, chocolate and strawberry. Hundreds of different recipes are available between them and they are all delicious. The only other thing that’s important for you is the Add+ button which allows you to add your own recipes to this free smoothie recipes Android app.

Shakes and smoothies android recipes screenshot

Once you select a category, you’re gonna see smoothie recipes arranged into groups according to the amount of calories that they have, starting with 200 and going up to 400. Don’t forget to swipe the list up so you can see all the smoothie recipes that they contain, which is a lot.

Shakes and smoothies android recipes listing

Tapping on a recipe opens it up of course. Once you have it open, the only thing that’s required is for you to buy all the ingredients or if you already have them, to just mix them up and enjoy in the latest discovered smoothie shake flavor.

Shakes and smoothies android recipes adding new

Remember the Add+ button from the main menu of Shakes And Smoothies? Well if you click on it, it will open up the recipe adder which you can use to easily type in and add your own smoothie recipes to the database of this free smoothie recipes Android app.

Smoothie recipes found in Shakes And Smoothies are all very delicious and what’s more important, they are all very good for you if you’re dieting or just trying to be fit.

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