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By | July 3, 2013

Shake Calc free Android calculator is certainly one of the more interesting calculators that you’ll be using on Android or in your life for that matter. The reason why I’m saying that is because in order to perform calculations with Shake Calc you need to, like the name of it suggests, shake it.
Shake calc free android calculator screenshot

In practically every other way Shake Calc is very similar to a lot of other free calculator apps out there. Buttons that it has are quite large, so if you’re having problems with calculators that have small buttons, you won’t have them with this free Android calculator. Math calculations that you can perform cover all the basics like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, but that’s not all.

You also get other very useful features hidden away behind the hood, like built-in mathematical constants, trigonometric functions, you can easily perform calculations involving percentages (without having to calculate percentages first) and so on. List of constants offered by Shake Calc can also be edited and new ones added manually.

Shake calc free android calculator screenshot sin cos

To interact with the calculator, to setup up calculations you of course have to tap on the screen. Left swipe opens up a different set of buttons which you can use. Shake Calc allows you to setup functions in radians, degrees and grads. This free Android calculator also employs the long tap/press functionality. A long press on a certain button, like for example C will delete entire display, while a single tap will delete only the last digit that you’ve entered.

Once you have the mathematical calculation and/or function that you’d like to calculate setup, the only thing that you need to do in order to get results is shake you Android device. Shake Calc will use G-Sensors to pick up on your shaking and display results right away.

The old fashioned way for getting results by tapping on the “equals” button is still available, for those who are “living in the past”. To spice things up additionally you can also change color themes of the buttons. Shake Calc is free, interesting and doesn’t have any annoying ads, what more could you ask.

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