Scrolling Sidebar In WordPress With Strx Floating Sidebar – How To

By | July 18, 2013

Having a scrolling sidebar in WordPress is a another great way how you can increase visitor engagement. Normally the sidebar is stationary, and depending on how long your posts are it will go out of sight of the visitor pretty soon as they are going through the blog post. By using a scrolling sidebar you can make sure that sidebar stays with the reader.

scrolling sidebar wordpress floating free

Here’s some other cool things you can add to sidebar: Related Posts Widget and Social Media Buttons.

As it is the case with every other addition to WordPress, a scrolling sidebar can also be added by simply installing a plugin. Select Plugins >> Add New and look for Strx Magic Floating Sidebar Maker. Alternatively you can click on the link that I gave down below. After installation activate it, but it won’t work right away. First you have to tell the plugin the ID of the DIV tag where your sidebar is contained, so that it knows what to scroll.

scrolling sidebar wordpress floating div id

There’s several ways how you can do that. I opened up the template editor by selecting Appearance >> Editor and then opened the sidebar.php file. DIV tag ID was literately the first thing that was listed for me. Now this step will be different for you depending on what WordPress theme it is that you’re using. It’s best that you experiment and test several IDs, to see which one is the correct one.

scrolling sidebar wordpress floating settings

Once you have the DIV ID pegged down, you can add it to the plugin settings. From inside WordPress dashboard select Settings >> Strx Floating Sidebar. DIV ID has to be added to the Sidebar Selector field. Make sure that you also have the hastag, just like on the screenshot above. One last thing, you will probably need to activate the dynamicTop option by putting a check mark next to it. This is required if you have pages that change their length dynamically, which is the case with pretty much every WordPress site/theme.

With all the settings in place, click on the Save Changes button down below, open up your homepage and you should be having a scrolling sidebar. Plugin settings have various additional options that you can tweak, like the activation time, scrolling speed, offset, and so on. That’s also something you’ll have to try out yourself to see what works for you the best. If you have any problems with the setup, write a comment and I’ll try to help out.

Plugin Homepage: Click Here


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