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By | July 20, 2013

Most modern cameras create very large images. When you want to upload them to Facebook or send via Skype, it’s probably best that you first change their size. Simplest Image Converter is a free portable batch image conversion software for Windows which does exactly that. It allows you to easily change image size, and not just that. You can also use it to convert image format, hence the name, Simplest Image Converter.

Simplest Image Converter portable image conversion Windows

This free portable batch image conversion app is less than 100KB in size. At the very top of the interface you have a drop down selection for setting up the output format. With the two check mark options you can instruct Simplest Image Converter to keep original file names and to keep original width and height. If you don’t want to keep the original file names, they’re gonna be changed to numbers, starting from 0.

Simplest Image Converter portable image conversion Windows settings

Since we’re interested in changing image size, I’m gonna remove the check mark from the “Keep the original width and height” option and in the empty boxes down below type in the new size for the images that are gonna be converted. Again since this is a portable batch image conversion app, it allows you to easily add multiple photos to the conversion queue.

You can do that by clicking on the “Add” button of course, which is available just below the conversion queue, in the bottom left corner of it. Use the Ctrl keyboard key to select multiple image, or just hold down the left mouse click to make a selection, the usual way. Last thing that you need to set is the output folder. When you’re done, click Convert.

Simplest Image Converter portable image conversion Windows finished

For Linux batch image conversion checkout Phatch and gThumb.

Conversion didn’t take very long and what’s more important, everything worked as advertised. Both image format and image size were changed. If you’re in need of a very simple and lightweight batch image conversion software for Windows, then Simplest Image Converter is just the thing you need.

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