Pocket Tanks – Free Android Multiplayer Tank Game

By | July 7, 2013

Pocket Tanks is a free Android multiplayer tank game which will bring back memories to a lot of you, but mostly those who are a bit older, like myself. Do you remember that very simple retro tank shooting game, Scorched Earth (which was played on ancient computers) where you needed to smite you enemies by changing the tank turret angle, setting up just the right strength for the shot and of course selecting the best possible weapons?

Pocket Tanks Android free tanks game menu

Pocket Tanks is exactly that, with the difference that it can be played on your Android powered devices, tablets, smartphones, etc, Graphics are good looking, although the same retro type of interface has been kept, only ported and made to work with Android.

Pocket Tanks Android free tanks player selection

Upon clicking Play from the main menu, this free Android multiplayer tank game let’s you select either one player session or two player session (yes, two humans, or really smart animals can play against each other).

Various other setup is also required like typing in player names, selecting tank color, game difficulty (if you’re playing a single player mode) and lastly choosing weapons that each of the players is gonna be using. Random weapon selection is available to speed up the weapon selection.

Pocket Tanks Android free tanks game play

As the game starts you’ll see the very familiar interface of Scorched Earth. 4 things that you can change, three of which we’re already mentioned, can be tweaked down below. Tap on either the Move, Weapon, Angle or Power dashboards to activate the adjustment for that particular setting.

Angle is actually more easier to set in this free Android multiplayer tank game because you can direct the tank turret by simply tapping on the screen. When you’re done with the setup, tap on the Fire button.

Pocket Tanks Android free tanks game winning

If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to cause damage to your enemies before they do the same to you. That was always the key with Scorched Earth, finding the right setting for angle and power before the other guy does. The same thing is true for Pocket Tanks. With this free Android multiplayer tank game, now you can fiddle the same settings to get the perfect shot on your Android device too.

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