How To Password Protect Folders On Windows With Lock-A-Folder

By | July 28, 2013

Data privacy seem to be harder and harder to have in this day and age. This goes not just when it comes to Internet, but also when it comes to sensitive data on our computers. There’s always a snoopy family member or a friend that goes through our files when we’re not around. If you’re looking for a way how to password protect folders on Windows, then look no further, Lock-A-Folder is just the thing that you need.

Lock A Folder folder password protect windows how

How does Lock-A-Folder work? Well not only that you get to password protect folders, but it will also make them invisible. This is a free application, and you can see it action on the image above.

Lock A Folder folder password protect windows how masster pass

Before you’ll be able to see the main interface of Lock-A-Folder, you’re gonna have to setup a master password. You only type the password one time, so make sure that you type it in properly. Without this password you will not be able to access password protected folders. Password can be changed once you have access to the main interface.

Lock A Folder folder password protect windows how working

To password protect folders with Lock-A-Folder, you just need to click on the Lock A Folder button which is available below the tabs at the top. The usual select a folder window will come up where you can navigate to the folder that you’d like to see password protected. Only one folder at a time can be selected. Once that you select a folder, it’s gonna be added to the list, see image above. Folders on the list are password protected. They will disappear from Windows Explorer and be encrypted.

You can remove password protection from folders by selecting them from the list and then simply clicking on the “Unlock selected Folder” button. In case that a folder that you’ve password protected is not on the list, open up Rescue Center to find it and remove password protection. If you’re looking for a way how to password protect folders, this really is the program you need, and best of all it’s free.

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