How To Easily Hide Folders In Windows Without Installing Apps

By | July 14, 2013

Hiding folders is a very simple but effective method how you can add a bit more privacy and security to your data. A hidden folder can only be found if the user knows how to change settings so that hidden folders become visible on the system. To hide folders in Windows, you just need to click a few time and change a few properties of the folder that you want to hide.

Windows hide folder how to right click

Let’s get right to it. Right click on the folder that you want to hide, and select Properties option, the one that’s located all the way at the bottom. Clicking on it will open up the usual window where you can tweak various settings of the selected folder.

Windows hide folder how to properties

You’ve probably been here before, or maybe not if you’re not very experienced with computers and aren’t used to tweaking things. Hide folders setting is available at the bottom of the General tab. Put a check mark next to it and then click on the Apply button down below. After you’ve done that, another window will pop up.

Windows hide folder how to confirm

Here you’re asked if you want to hide just this folder or all the other folder and files contained within it. Select the second option to also hide files and folders and after that click on OK down below to apply the changes that you’ve made. Folder should disappear right away. Don’t panic, it’s not deleted, its icon just got hidden.

Windows hide folder how to show hidden

To view hidden folders, you’re gonna have to open up Windows Explorer, by clicking on My Computer for example, or any other visible folder that you have on your desktop. Select Organize >> Folder and Search Options. On the pop up window that comes up select the View tab and then put a check mark next to the “Show hidden files, folders and drives option”. Like I said, this is only an effective protection against those who don’t know how to change settings to make the folders visible. Hope it helps. Leave comments and any questions that you might have in the comment section down below.


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