How To Create Persistent RAM Disk Partitions With RAM Disk

By | July 31, 2013

RAM drives have started to become all the rage now that random access memory is very cheap and modern computers have it more than they actually need. One of the drawbacks of RAM drives is that when you restart your computer your files get deleted, since every time that power is turned off, RAM is completely wiped. SoftPerfect RAM Disk is a free RAM disk creator for Window which lets you create persistent RAM disk partitions, which are kept and data on them is also kept even after you power of your PC.
Persistent RAM disk partition creator windows

The way that this free RAM disk creator can create persistent RAM disk partitions is by keeping a clone image of the created RAM disk partition on an actual hard drive. Every time that you decide to restart or turn off you computer, all the data from the created RAM partition is gonna be transfered to an image file on an actual hard drive.

Persistent RAM disk partition creator windows create image

First you need to create the image somewhere on your main hard drive by selecting Image >> Create Image. Window that comes up allows you to set the location where the image file is gonna be saved, how big it’s gonna be file system that’s gonna use and so on. When you’re done with setup click OK.

RAM drives can be created by clicking on the green plus button from the top left corner toolbar. What you see when you click on that button can be seen on the image down below.

Persistent RAM disk partition creator windows working

Use the Image File Name option in the top right section to select the created image. Little bit further down below there are options for setting the drive letter that the cerated RAM partition is gonna have.

Persistent RAM disk partition creator windows testing

SoftPerfect RAM Disk will automatically backup data that you add to created RAM partitions and save it on the hard disk image that you’ve setup and selected. Next time that you power on your PC, RAM Disk will recreate the RAM partition and return files to it, making it as though it really is persistent. When the computer is working, partition uses RAM, when computer is shutdown, everything is moved to hard drive.

This free persistent RAM disk creator is true to its word, you really do get persistent RAM partitions, even though the way how they are created and maintained is a bit hacky. Speed is there, so if you need a persistent RAM disk partitions, this is the tool for you.

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