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By | July 21, 2013

Building a small informative website for a company that you’re running (for example) isn’t particularly difficult, but if you’ve never worked with HTML or CSS, it might as well be rocket science. Pika Website Builder is a free WYSIWYG website builder for Windows which you can can use to easily create websites in just a few mouse clicks, by editing numerous website templates that you also get for free.

Pika website builder wysiwyg free windows editor

Pika Website Builder doesn’t require you to know HTML or CSS in order to create websites, not unless you want to change something specific about the available website templates. First step of the website setup wizard can be seen on the image above. This is where you need to type in the name that your website is gonna have.

Pika website builder wysiwyg free windows templates

Next you need to select a template that you’re gonna be using. The one that you select is gonna have a green check mark next to it. As you can see, this free WYSIWYG website builder has a very large selection of templates, couple of dozen modern, Web 2.0, templates for you to select and build your website on top of.

Pika website builder wysiwyg free windows page manager

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Before opening up the website editor, you should probably first setup the pages that you want your website to have. You can do this by selecting Page Manager from the top left corner wizard strip. By default you’re gonna have the usual, “Home”, “About us”, “Picture Gallery” and “Contact Us” pages setup. Use the New Page button to add new pages. To edit existing ones, click on either Edit, Rename or Delete, next to the page that you want to edit.

Pika website builder wysiwyg free windows page editor

Image above shows us Pika’s website editor in action. This is where you can change the website template and add information that you want your visitors to see. All this is of course done using a WYSIWYG graphical interface. You can add lists, images, text, change formating, and so on. To edit a particular part of the template, header text for example, just click on it and the editor will open up.

Pika website builder wysiwyg free windows page upload

Once you’ve edited your website, the only thing that you need to do is upload it to your web server. This free WYSIWYG website builder makes things easer on you in this department also. The very last step of the setup asks you for your FTP info and after you type it and click on the Save and Publish button the website that you’ve created is gonna be saved and uploaded online. That’s the only thing that you need to do in order to create websites with Pika. Quick and easy.

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