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By | July 17, 2013

Forgetting a password for an online account, like a social network for example, is probably a situation of catastrophic proportions for a lot of people. This goes especially for all those who work online. Phrozen Password Revealer is a free password recovery software for Windows which you can use to easily recover passwords saved inside web browsers, instant messaging clients and even the ones that you’ve saved to Windows itself (network login info for example).

Phrozen password revelear windows password recovery

Screenshot above shows us this free password recovery software in action. Recovered passwords were pulled from both web browsers and Windows and automatically listed for us to see what they are. Some web browsers, like Firefox, have the option of displaying saved passwords themselves, but password recovery is much more easier with utilities like Phrozen Password Revealer.

Works with:

  • Web browsers like: Chrome, Mozilla, IE, Rocket Melt, COMODO Dragon
  • Instant messaging clients like: Windows Live Messenger (MSN)
  • Windows RAS password recovery: VPN, network and other RAS passwords

Passwords that can be recovered with this free password recovery software are the ones that you have stored using the “Save password” utility of your web browser. That would be the one that pops up every time that you login somewhere.

Even though you can use saved passwords inside the web browser where they are saved, if you forget it, password can’t be used on other devices like tablets or smartphones.

Phrozen password revelear windows password recovery explained

Phrozen Password Revealer is portable, and like I already mentioned, it recovers passwords automatically for all the supported applications right away after you start it. To check again and see if any new passwords were added use the Refresh button in the bottom right corner. Another useful feature is the Export button, which let’s you export all the found passwords as a text document.

When you’re exporting passwords, make sure that you add .txt extension to the file that you’re saving, otherwise it will not be associated with your text editor and you will not be able to open them up.

Download: Click Here


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