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By | July 22, 2013

Recently I talked about a very fun educational app for Android called Countries Capitals Quiz, where you can brush up on your knowledge of world capitals. Today I’m gonna be talking about something similar only this app is for country flags. World Flags Quiz is a free country flags Android app where you can test your knowledge of country flags.

country flags android app world flags quiz

Pretty much everything about the Country Flags Quiz is the same to Countries Capitals Quiz, the only difference being of course that instead of world capitals you need to guess country flags. App design is the same, and so is the way that you play the quiz. Goal is to guess country flags as fast as possible. The faster that you give an answer, lower is your score gonna be which will push you to the tops of the high score list.

country flags android app world flags quiz levels

From the main menu of this country flags Android app you can select two game modes, quiz and learning. Quiz mode has 10 levels and as you can see from the screenshot above, each level offers 23 questions. You’ll have to start from Level 1 and move your way from there.

country flags android app world flags quiz question

When playing the quiz mode, you’re gonna see a country flag at top and down below you’ll be offered with 4 answers. If you tap on the wrong one, you’re gonna be penalized. You have to keep answering until you get it right, in other words until you guess the name of the country whose flag is shown at the top.

country flags android app world flags quiz learning mode

Learning mode is basically the same to the quiz mode of this country flags Android app only the high score is not counted and you get help with the answers. Percentage of the correct answers can still be tracked, as you can see from the top left corner of the screenshot above.

Country Flags Quiz is very fun and at the same time you also get to learn something. Knowing country flags is very useful not just for kids, but also adults who plan on being in game shows or going to parties (where you might be playing the “guess the country flag” game, ;). I recommend that you try it and see how it goes.

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