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By | July 19, 2013

Knowing country capitals is of the utmost importance when you’re participating a party, casual dinner with friends, or some other social event, although it will have to be a pretty nerdy party if you’re going to be playing the guess the countries capital game, :). Countries Capitals Quiz is a free country capitals app for Android where you can improve your knowledge of country capitals by playing a quiz and beating high scores.

Country capitals quiz app android free menu

Not only that you can play quizzes, but you can also use the Learn mode to practice before you start playing the real thing. From the main menu you can also open up the High scores, settings and check what your current high score is. High score is the number of seconds that you’ve wasted thinking about what the answer is. You start off with 2500 seconds but that number goes down as you play.

Country capitals quiz app android free levels

For some other educational apps for Android try Duolingo, English Tester and Mathematics.

This free country capitals app for Android has 10 levels, each level has about 20 questions that you have to answer. Levels further up ahead are locked. To get to them you have to start with Level 1 and work your way up from there.

Country capitals quiz app android free working

Now we get to the actual quiz part. It’s very simple with just the country name posted at the top and then 4 possible answers down below. Every time that you give a wrong answer 3 seconds are subtracted to your score. The more you think about an answer, the more seconds is taken away from you, the lower your score is gonna be, so you better answer quickly. When you give a wrong answer, you’ll have to keep answering until you get the right one.

Country capitals quiz app android free scores

By clicking on the High scores option from the main menu you’ll be able to check and see what the high score of other players are. You have to be online for this to work. Make sure that you check your high score after completing all levels, cause otherwise you’ll be at the very end of the list. Countries Capitals Quiz is a very fun country capitals app for Android, it’s ad supported and slightly confusing scoring. You can still learn a lot about country capitals from it. Try and see how it goes.

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