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By | July 18, 2013

Countdown widgets for Android are a great way how you can make sure that you don’t miss a birthday, anniversary, an appointment or some other special occasion that you need to remember or where your presence is required. When you have a countdown widget installed every time that you look at the screen of your smartphone or a tablet you’re gonna be reminded of just how many days, hours or minutes is left until D-day.

Android countdown widget free selection adding

Countdown Widget is, like the name of it states, a free countdown widget app that allows you to easily add countdown widgets to the display of your Android powered device. Three widget sizes can be added, 3X1, 2X1 and 1X1. Once you add a widget (the usual way by dragging and dropping) the countdown setup window will come up.

Android countdown widget free setting up event

First enter a title for the widget. Title can be something descriptive so that you know for what the countdown is for. Next you’re gonna have to configure the event date and event time. So let’s say for example that you were setting a countdown until your wedding day, for title type in, “Getting hitched in”, select the date, time and optionally in the top right corner you can also turn on notifications (an alarm) that’s gonna let you know that the time is up.

Android countdown widget free day preview

Minimize the keyboard (once you’re finished typing in the widget title) and you should see a preview of how the widget is gonna look like. By swiping to left, you can change the theme. Free version of this free countdown widget app only has a few themes, three to be more precise. For more you’re gonna have to upgrade, which also removes the ads.

Android countdown widget free examples preview

And finally here’s this free countdown widget app in action, with three countdown widgets added to the display of my tablet. Each has a different theme and a different size. Add the widgets to your main display so that you see them every time that you take out your smartphone or you decide to use your tablet. Countdown Widget is very simple to setup and use, make sure to give it a try if you need countdown widgets on the display of your Android phone.

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