Free Clown Shooting Game For Android: Clowns In The Face

By | July 24, 2013

Clowns In The Face will definitely be one of the more interesting games that you will be playing on your Android powered device, tablet or smartphone. This is a free clown shooting game where you need to defeat a clown army by shooting them with tennis balls. Yes, you’ve read that right, the object of the game is to shoot clowns with tennis balls.

clowns in the face clown shooting game android free

Clowns In The Face is a very straightforward game. After starting it you’re first gonna see a short introductory message telling you about the game story. The basic gist of it is that a clown zombie army has taken over an amusement park and the only way to save the day is by shooting the clowns with a tennis ball.

Right away after the introduction you’re gonna see is a map where you need to select the level that you’d like to play. Since you’re starting from scratch you’re of course gonna have to select the first clown head and clear all the clowns from that level by hitting them with the ball.

clowns in the face clown shooting game android playing

To serve the ball in the direction of the clown, you’re gonna have to tap on the screen, hold it down and then aim using the directional indicator that comes, which can be seen on the screenshot above. In a way this free clown shooting game is very similar to Basketball Shoot, only here you are aiming a tennis ball at clowns.

Goal is to get rid of all the clowns from the levels, to hit them all with the ball. Each level has different hurdles and obstacles for you to go over but you also get additional help in the form of breakable windows that can shred multiple clowns at once and so on. This free clown shooting game is very fun, it’s also very unusual, but who wants to play usual games anyway. Try Clowns In The Face and tell us what you think.

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