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By | July 13, 2013

Broken shortcuts are a common theme that I come across on Windows computers. People either just delete the application folder from Program Files, there’s a virus infection that wrecks havoc or something along these lines happens and I’m left with broken shortcuts on the desktop, Start Menu, etc that have to be removed. Trouble is to find them all. Broken Shortcut Killer is a free broken shortcut remover for Windows that does just that.

Bad shortcut killer broken shortcut fixer fix Windows

The way that this free broken shortcut remover works is by scanning the entire computer in search of shortcuts that are leading to nowhere. Broken shortcuts are gonna be detected no matter where they are located. Desktop, Start Menu shortcuts that you have whose executable has been removed are all gonna be detected and easily removed in just a couple of mouse clicks.

First you need to click on the Find Bad Shortcuts button in the bottom left corner. Scan might take a while depending on how many shortcuts, in other words applications, you have on your computer. Once the scan completes, list of found broken shortcuts is gonna be generated.

Bad shortcut killer broken shortcut fixer fix Windows working

If you want to remove all the broken shortcuts, simply click on the Check All button so that all of them get selected on the list. If you only wanna remove some of them, put a checkmark only next to the ones that you want to see deleted. To remove broken shortcuts, click on the Delete Selected Shortcuts button. This free broken shortcut remover will then remove found shortcuts from both desktop and the Start Menu.

Be careful when installing Broken Shortcut Killer because it tries to install browser toolbars at the end of the installation. Go slowly through the setup wizard so you don’t end up with more than what you bargained for.

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