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By | July 12, 2013

With the recent advancements of governments from all around the world on peoples livelihoods, privacy and freedom in general, Bitcoin has become a very popular alternative for those who are interested in adding at least some amount of privacy to their currency transactions. One of the things that’s important to know when converting out of and into bitcoins are exchange rates. Bitcoin Prices is a free bitcoin exchange rates app for Android that can help you do that.

BitCoin exchange rate app android

Bitcoin Prices collects information about exchange rates from all the popular bitcoin exchange sites like Mt. Gox, BitStamp, BTC-E, Camp BX and several more. App of course requires Internet access. While you’re connected to the web, exchange rates are updated every 15 minutes. Each update takes about 40kb of data. If you’re running it all the time, be careful not to go over your data plan. If you happen to have restrictions and/or very pricey data transfer charges.

Note that this is just a bitcoin exchange rates app, it’s not a bitcoin wallet manager or anything like that. You can only use it to check up on what the best paying exchange rates are for buying and selling bitcoins, on which bitcoin marketplace. 2X2 widget is also available that you can have on your screen, but again, be careful with data charges.

BitCoin exchange rate app android refresh

Initially the exchange rates are gonna be outdated, but they are gonna be updated right away after you run the app. Some bitcoin exchange sites have gone under since this free bitcoin exchange rates app has been released, which makes exchange rate update from them impossible. The ones on the list colored green are freshly updated. Each exchange rate has a marker that tells you which exchange rate website that particular amount is from. Notice the mtgoxUSD indicator at the top.

Top right corner click has settings where you can change list sorting, so that updated bitcoin exchange marketplaces are listed first, and another very useful setting that you can tweak is that exchange rates are only refreshed when you’re on WiFi. Very easy to use and it’s free. Give this free bitcoin exchange rates app for Android a try and let us know what you think in the comments section down below.

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