Free Ball Balancing App For Android: Balance Ball

By | July 25, 2013

One of the most fun uses for the g-sensor that your Android phone or tablet probably has would definitely be games. Balance Ball is a free ball balancing app for Android, where you use the g-sensor of your Android device in order to guide the ball through various levels with obstacles into the hole, so that you can reach to the next levels and of course have fun.

Balance Ball main menu ball balancing app android menu

You’ll notice right away that this free ball balancing app for Android has very small screenshots. They’re much smaller ones than what I usually put up when writing about Android games and apps. The reason for that is the fact that Balance Ball is intended to smaller screens (320X480), the kind that you get on Android smartphones.

There will be no game interface resizing, so if you have a larger screen like I do on my tablet, you’re gonna see black area around the main window of the app, but everything is still playable. Tap on Start from the main menu to start a new game or Setting if you want to change audio volume and a couple of other app settings.

Balance Ball main menu ball balancing app android select difficulty

Balance Ball for Android comes with around 50 different levels that you can go through. First only the first one is unlocked. New ones get unlocked as you go through this free ball balancing app for Android. Three game modes are also available, Easy, Normal and Hard. If gameplay starts being boring on normal, or even maybe easy, switch to Hard and try it like that.

Balance Ball main menu ball balancing app android playing

Last screenshot that I’m gonna show is the actual gameplay. The goal of the game is to use your g-sensor to navigate the ball through the level. Black holes in the corners are not there to help. They eat up the ball if you’re not vigilant enough. Various other obstacles are also found. Be careful not to guide the ball on anything else except the green hole which can be seen in center of the screen that you’ve.

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