Free Android Skee Ball Game – Ball-Hop Anniversary Edition

By | July 10, 2013

Skee ball is a lot of fun. Those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a game that’s similar to bowling, with two very important exceptions. Lanes are inclined and instead of knocking pins over, you need to hit holes and score as much points as possible. Android skee ball game should be fun play to and we’ve found one that is very fun, Ball-Hop Anniversary Edition.

Skee Ball Hop Android game menu

You now might be wondering why would a skee ball game be fun when playing on Android? Well it’s mostly because when using the touchscreen, playing this type of games is almost as if you are playing for real. Very similar motion that’s required by the actual game, swipe, is used to get the ball going. At the top you can see menu that waits for you. Free version has ads, but they are not too intrusive to make the game unplayable.

Skee Ball Hop Android playing

Recently we talked about an actual bowling game for Android, so you might want to check it out. Clicking on the Play option from the main menu starts the game. Once you have the game started, to start sending balls up the lane, just swipe forward. The direction in which you swipe and of course the speed are crucial to where the ball is gonna end up. This Android skee ball game has a limited number of balls, just like the real thing. The better shot you are, the higher score you’ll have.

Skee Ball Hop Android high score

Ball-Hop has its own leaderboards where you can keep track of your scores and also compare yourself with other players. Android skee ball games like the one that we mentioned here will bring you back memories when skee ball was all the rage and you were in the arcades playing it. Newer generations should also discover a very cool game when installing this free Android skee ball game. Try it, it’s free.

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