Find Out System Information On Linux With inxi: Free System Info App

By | July 27, 2013

Switching over to Linux from Windows is something that might be a bit frightening for hard core Windows users who have grown accustomed to having a graphical user interface for pretty much everything. One of the things that you might not know how to do is find out system information. Inxi is a very small command line utility for Linux which you can use to find out various system info, from graphics to storage, if that makes sense.

inxi command line system info linux free

Now I’m using Linux Mint and inxi comes installed by default. Debian also has this useful little utility in its repositories. I think that Ubuntu doesn’t have it in its repositories, but you can install the .DEB file of inxi from Mint’s repos, which you can find over here. After installation, the only thing that you need to do in order to find out system information is to run:


From inside the terminal. This will only show the basic system info, like your CPU make and model, CPU clock speed, kernel type and model, how much RAM you have and so on. To find out about all the command variations that you can run, type this in terminal:

inxi -h

This will list the help file where you can find out about all the triggers that you can use after the main “inxi” command to get more information about a particular part of the system. For example, if you type in:

inxi -Gx

You should see detailed information about your graphics card. Make and model, frequencies that are used, resolution, driver that you’re using, which version of the graphics driver and so on.

inxi command line system info linux graphics

Similar type of the trigger exists for every major part of the system. If you for example are interested in find out about your motherboard, what the make and model is, you just need to use the “M” trigger, command would look like this:

inxi -M

For more info about inxi, make sure that you go through the help file that I’ve mentioned how to open a few lines back. Alternatively you can visit the homepage using the link down below and find out about the full specter of command variations that you can use there.

Homepage/Download: inxi System Info App For Linux


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