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By | July 1, 2013

Duolingo isn’t only available on Android, other platforms support it also, but if you are a proud owner of an Android device who’s interested in learning a second language, then Duolingo language learning app for Android is the thing you need. So far you can use it to learn Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian. This free Android language learning app turns learning a second language into a fun game, with high scores, achievements and level progress.

1 - Duolingo Android language learning app introduction

When running this Android language learning app for the first time you’ll be presented with an introductory wizard at the end of which you will need to create a Duolingo account. Facebook login is available to speed things up a bit. Account also works with the website version of Duolingo, so you can carry on where you left of on your desktop or laptop.

2 - Duolingo Android language learning app selection

Using the language selector in the top right corner select the language that you would like to learn. We selected Spanish. Various app settings can also be accessed from the top right corner. Little howl helper at the bottom will come up to tell you that if you are a beginner you should start learning using the Basics I category and move on up from there. Those with some knowledge of the selected language can use the offered shortcut to start further up ahead with more advanced lessons, depending on how far along they are.

3 - Duolingo Android language learning app lesson

Each Duolingo category has several lesson packs which you need to learn and get a good score to move on to the next category which brings increased level of difficulty.

4 - Duolingo Android language learning app image test

After selecting both the category and the lesson pack, you can start with the actual language learning. So how does it work? You get questions and quizzes where you’re asked what a particular term means, you’re also asked to translate sentences from Spanish (in our case) to English or vice versa and so on. Screenshot above show us a quiz type of question where we’re asked how “the man” is translated into Spanish. Images are there to help you out.

5 - Duolingo Android language learning app image question correct

If you’ve selected the correct answer, you’ll get the “You are correct” message if not, you’ll be warned and told what the correct answer is.

6 - Duolingo Android language learning app tap question

Different type of question can be seen on the image above. Here you need to translate the expression from the top by piecing together an answer from the offered words down below. Yellow words in the expression that you have to translate have an explanation attached to them to help you out. Explanation comes up if you tap on the word.

7 - Duolingo Android language learning app write answer

This free Android language learning app also requires you to manually type translations so you can practice proper spelling. Tap on the text box turns on the keyboard so you can type away the correct translation.

8 - Duolingo Android language learning app passed lesson

Depending on how many correct answers you had, you’ll get points. The more points you get, the bigger your high score will be and you’ll move on to the next level.

9 - Duolingo Android language learning app more complicated

As you are progressing through lessons, they of course get more difficult and they expand in variety. Phrases practicing, listening exercises (where you need to translate audio expression that Duolingo throws at you) are just some of the fun language learning lessons that wait for you after you’re a more advanced linguist.

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10 - Duolingo Android language learning app speech

Here’s an example of how the listening exercise works. You’ll be able to play the expression at normal speed or by clicking on the turtle icon, you can slow it down and have this free Android language learning app break down the expression into words so you can understand it more easily.

11 - Duolingo Android language learning app summary

At the end of each lesson you’ll get a report about all the words that you’ve learned before moving on to the next lesson pack. Each category allows you to generate unique practicing quizzes after you finish with all the lessons. Doulingo is a lot of fun and while you’re having fun you get to learn, that’s the best combo there is.

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