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By | July 29, 2013

Sometimes when using the computer we need the craziest of applications in order to perform a boring and a repetitive task. Creating a list from file names is one that I’ve needed to do recently. easyList helped me out a lot. easyList if a free portable file name lister for Windows which you can use in order to create XML formated file name lists of all the files from folders that you select.

easyList file name lister folder windows free portable

This free file name lister is very small in size, less than a megabyte. Since it’s portable, you won’t have to install it, if you decide to use it. On the image above I’ve already selected multiple folders and as you can see file names of all the files from the selected folders have been added to the main list in the center of the interface.

easyList file name lister folder windows free portable selection

To add file names to the list, you need to select folders by clicking on the Load Folder button from the top left corner toolbar. The standard folder selection window will come up where you need to select the directory from where you want file names listed. For example if you want to list all the file names of songs from your music collection, select your music collection folder and that’s it. Before the file names appear on the list, you will need to click OK on a small pop-up window that comes up.

easyList file name lister folder windows free portable created file name list

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Like I already mentioned, easyList creates XML formatted file name lists. Example of the XML syntax used can be seen on the image above. Next to file name, you’re also gonna see file size. If you need to create a XML formatted file name list, then this free portable file name lister is just the thing you need. It’s very easy to use, but since it’s still in development, expect to see a bug or errors here and there. Try easyList and comment down below if you have any comments or suggestions. Cheers.

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