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By | July 9, 2013

The best use for the network utility that we’re about to be reviewing would probably be log file download. That’s for what it’s being advertised at least, but you can use it to download any file you might need downloading. CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet is a free automatic FTP download software for Windows. It can be used to automate FTP file download by allowing you to select a file on your FTP server and then also a time period in which the selected file is gonna be automatically downloaded over and over again.

CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet automatic ftp download

Very simple setup window which can be seen on the image above is the only thing that you’ll see when running this free automatic FTP download utility. Those who used FTP at some point probably know how to setup everything. You need to type in server address, port, username, password, the usual.

CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet automatic ftp download setup

Here’s an example of how everything was supposed to be looking after configuring CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet. Three inputs at the bottom are not normally found on FTP clients, but then again, this isn’t an FTP client. Something else that isn’t an FTP client would be this free imgur image downloader, which you can use to download images from the very popular imgur image hosting service.

These inputs are for setting up the remote directory from where you’d like to download files (Remote Dir input field), typing in the name of the file that you’d like to download (File to Get input) and the Local Folder input is for setting the local directory where you want this automatic FTP download software to save downloaded files.

Don’t forget to set the time between file downloads by changing the “Get every” option. Additionally you can also select between the type of transfer, Binary or ASCII. When you’re done, “Get file now” button is for manually fetching the file right away, while automatic FTP download should work right away. Clicking on the “To Tray” button will minimize CommuniCrypt FTPAutoGet to system tray from where it will automatically download files at set time intervals.

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