Celatum – Free Android Note Taking App With Encryption

By | July 9, 2013

Same thing that I said before about file encryption on Android being more important than file encryption on your desktop PC also applies to note taking. Celatum is a free Android note taking app with encryption support. This means that when using Celatum you can password protect notes created within it, so that someone who might be browsing your Android smartphone or tablet doesn’t stumble upon private notes that you’d like to keep to yourself.

Celatum Android note encryption app set password

Celatum is a relatively new app. When running this free Android note taking app for the first time you’ll see a welcome window where you’re asked to type in username and password which you’d like to use to access created notes. Username and password should be something that only you know and as always, try to make the password as complex as possible. Encryption offered by Celatum is AES 256bit and when sending encrypted notes to other people they are protected with 2048 bit RSA encryption.

Celatum Android note encryption app menu

Created login credentials will be required every time your run Celatum, every time that you try to create new notes, access old ones and also when trying to send a note to other people. This free Android note taking app with encryption support also supports note emailing.

Celatum Android note encryption app adding note

Before you can start sending out notes, which is also supported by Cealtum, they first have to be created. You can do this by clicking on the Write a note button from the main menu. Note editor comes up where at the top you can type in note name and down below the actual note. You’ll be asked for password when creating new notes.

Celatum Android note encryption app share contact

Now that you have added a note, it’s gonna be saved and encrypted inside Cealtum’s database. To send notes to other people via email, you’re gonna have to build a contact list. Do this by clicking on the Share my Celatum contact info option from the main menu. Then you’ll have to create a one time passcode that the recipient will have to use when decrypting sent notes. It’s not easy to find an Android note taking app with encryption support, but Celatum is exactly that and it let’s you send notes if you need to. Try it and see how it goes.

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