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By | July 9, 2013

Sometimes when organizing files we find ourself in need of an automatic folder creator, which can create folders automatically, preferably according to rules that you setup. Subfolder Tools is a free portable automatic folder creator and renamer for Windows. It will not only create multiple folders according to file name patterns that you set, it can also be used to rename existing folders in the same manner.

Subfolder Tools automatic folder creator renamer create

Subfolder Tools is a portable application. Once you click on the downloaded executable it will work right away. Let’s get right down to business. The two main functions of Subfolder Tools, automatic folder creator and automatic folder renamer can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate tab in the top left corner. First let’s create multiple folders automatically with this free Windows utility.

How to create folders automatically with Subfolder Tools – free automatic folder creator

From the screenshot above you can see that all the way at the top there’s a “Create Folders in” option. This is where you need to select the directory where folders are gonna be created. Naming rules can be setup down below.

In the “Folder names before counting up” field type in the name that you would like the newly created folders to have. Rest of the options allow you to adjust how the numbering for the created folders will be carried out, will the numbers go before the name, after the name, from which number will they start, etc.

Subfolder Tools automatic folder creator renamer created directories

Example of how created directories will look like can be seen on the screenshot above. We set the folder name numbering to be at the end of the folder name, but like we said, this can be changed. Now that you have created folders, do you might need folder synchronization software to start syncing files to them?

How to automatically rename folders with Subfolde Tools – free automatic folder creator

Now let’s have a look at the second very useful feature found in this free portable automatic folder creator and renamer, the mass folder renamer.

Subfolder Tools automatic folder creator renamer rename

Again by clicking on the Top Folder button, you’ll have to select the source directory where folders that you’d like to rename are located. Folders within the selected directory will be listed on the left. Renamer has the added bonus that it can also rename files within the folders if you want it to. On the right you can set the same renaming rules that we had when using the automatic folder creator. If you have duplicate files in your folder, you should delete them to save hard disk space.

If you only want to rename some of the folders from the list, select them from the list (Ctrl + Left Click) and put a check mark next to the “Only Selected” option in the bottom left corner before clicking on Rename and starting the renaming job. Subfolder Tools is a very handy utility, which depending on your needs will save you a lot of time.

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