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By | July 6, 2013

Even though Aldiko is already an established ebook reader, I still decided to pay it a tribute and write my take on it. Since I’m not exactly an avid ebook reader, I’ll provide a simple review for all those that are not interested in an in-depth dissection of this free Android ebook reader.

1 - Aldiko Android ebook reader free main

After a clean install there obviously won’t be as many ebooks in the recently opened ebook selection strip down below as there are for us on the screenshot above. Aldiko actually ships with 1 free ebook that you’ll be able to read right away, the White Fang. eBooks that you’ve added to the library of this free Android ebook reader can be managed in 2 different ways. One using the Shelf View and another using the good old fashioned lists, List View. Lists offer more details, while shelf view more eye candy.

2 - Aldiko Android ebook reader free browsing files

Before eBooks can be managed in either of these two, they first have to be imported. Select Files from the main menu to do that. That will start up a file browser which allows you to navigate to the folder where your ebooks are located. ePub, PDF and Adobe DRM protected content is supported.

3 - Aldiko Android ebook reader opened document

To open up an ebook, simply tap on it from the library, regardless if it’s the Shelf view, List view or recently used ebooks strip, tap should work. Swipe left to go to the next page or swipe right to go back. Single tap on the screen while you’re reading ebooks will open up additional tools and reading options that you can tweak. You can quickly browse pages using the slider down below, use the “Go to” selection to jump on a certain page. Perhaps the most interesting, at least for me, is the Day/Night option.

4 - Aldiko Android ebook reader free night time reading

Reading at night while staring at a white background of a tablet or a smartphone is a huge stress on the eyes. Turning on night reading mode changes background to black and text to white which makes reading much more easier on the eyes. A lot of other useful features are available in this free Android ebook reader, like free ebook download for example, which we’ll cover in a future article. Try it and let us know what you think.

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