Akismet Or Captcha – Which Is Better For WordPress Comment Spam?

By | July 26, 2013

So, for the past few months, practically from the time that I started this website instead of using Akismet for blocking comment spam, I’ve decided that I’m just gonna install a captcha plugin (I’m using WordPress), and see how much spammy comments will I get if I only used captcha for defense. To be honest, the only reason why I opted for captcha is because I was lazy to register for the Akismet API or whatever it is that you need in order to use it. It wasn’t that I was interested in finding out what’s better, Akismet or captcha, it’s just that I was lazy.

wordpress captcha or akismet better

Captcha plugin that I’m using is called Code Captcha. It’s very easy to use and lightweight. Next to adding captcha to comments, it can also add to other parts of WordPress, like for example registration and login boxes. Let’s talk numbers.

First thing that you should know is the current number of visitors that I’m getting. According to Google Analytics, that number is around 350 visitors per day. It’s not very high, but then again this is still a relatively new website that I have here.

When I wasn’t using captcha for the first couple of weeks, comment spam was starting to get increasingly frequent. You’ve probably experienced the same thing, the amount of spam goes up proportionally to increases in popularity of your website. Back then I had around 50 visitors per day, but I also had around 10 spammy comments every day. That number was getting higher by the day.

wordpress captcha or akismet better example spam

After installing the captcha plugin, I’ve noticed an immediate drop in the amount of spammy comments. Today I still get spam, only it’s 10 spammy comments for the entire week. It’s considerably less than what it was before, especially if you take into account that I have more visitors now. Akismet is great, but it can block comments from actual people. By using a captcha plugin, you make sure that you stay in touch with your readers, their questions, critiques and praises or course. Larger website might have problems keeping up with all the comments, but for now, on this website, everything si still manageable. I’ll do another update when I’m getting gazillion visitors per day. Cheers.


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