What’s The Best Backlink Checker Tool?

By | June 24, 2013

Every webmaster, regardless of how much his/hers website is popular (and especially if they’re new) is always dying to find out how much and what kind of backlinks the website that they’ve setup has. Over the years a lot of backlink checker tools have cropped up, but most of them are not very effective. When it comes to the best backlink checker tool, free one at least, Google’s Webmaster Tools takes the cake in our opinion.

Webmaster tools best backlink checker tool

Some of you reading this might not even know that you can find out about your websites backlinks using Webmaster Tools. There’s actually a lot of useful website popularity checkers that are available. From just listing all the websites which link back to yours, to detailed information about the most popular content on your website, the one that’s ranked highest and clicked the most by people.

Screenshot above shows us how the list of backlinks looked like for our website at the time when this article was being created. It’s important to point out that at the same time, a very popular alternative to Webmaster Tools for checking backlinks, Alexa, only showed three links.

Compare that to 10 from the image above and you can see which is the best backlink checker. Not to mention that Webmaster Tools allows you to download the results and analyze in much greater detail what’s linked (which content), which anchor text is used the most and so on.

Webmaster tools best backlink checker tool additional

If you think that we’ve jumped to conclusions when declaring that Webmaster Tools is the best backlink checker tool and you’re not impressed with everything that its backlink checker has to offer, then all the other cool features that are available in WM, like search query analysis, search result click tracking and all the others which you can use will surely seal the deal for you.

Go over to the Webmaster Tools website by following the link that we gave down below, create an account (but you probably have one already), add your website and just wait for the results to start coming in. It might not be right away, but like you can see from what we described above, which was our experience, backlink information will start coming in faster than it will on other backlink checker tools and it will be more precise.

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2 thoughts on “What’s The Best Backlink Checker Tool?

  1. Elvis

    don’t know which one the best I just know that when Matt talked about getting rid of the “bad” backlinks I checked backlinks on each of the leading explorers (Majestic, Moz’s Open Site Explorer, ahref…) and every time I found few new ones. even a week ago SheerSEO launched their explorer (http://www.sheerexplorer.com) and I found new backlinks I wasn’t aware of.

    1. FunTechTip Zoki

      I checked my website (this one that we’re on) with your suggestion and there’s only 1 backlink there. Google currently reports 13 backlinks, while Alexa 14, but I can’t get detailed info about backlinks on alexa without upgrading. So i still think that Google is better….


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