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By | June 27, 2013

Playing shooting games is the most fun you can have on Android. Maybe it’s just me being a typical nerd that’s saying this, but various shooting games like basketball shoot outs, motion ball shooting, are very addicting and you cannot deny that. Sniper Training is a free Android sniper game where the goal is to take down bad guys, as many as you can, as quickly as you can by using your touch screen for aiming.

Android sniper game sniper traning menu

Before we begin, a small warning is in order. Sniper Training is supported with ads. During first run it tries to add desktop shortcuts and browser favorites, the usual. Be careful not to accept these, when running this free Android sniper game, unless you’re interested of course. Once you go past this hurdle, menu opens up where you can either start playing the game, read instructions, access high scores or find more games.

Android sniper game sniper traning scenes

Reading instructions is boring, so let’s cut straight to the chase. Clicking PLAY will lead you to scene selection where you can switch between three different “shooting ranges”, pick one.

Android sniper game sniper traning playing 1

To aim your gun at the bad guys that pop up behind the corners and on windows simply tap on the bad guy. That also automatically shoots the gun. If you aimed properly, the bad guy will go down. Important things is to make the hit, like it always is with these types of games.

Android sniper game sniper traning high scores

There’s nothing like a little bit of competition to keep you motivated, and for this reason you’ll be able to check out rankings to see just where your score is when compared with other players.

Android sniper game sniper traning playing 2

When you’re bored with one location, change to a different one and start cutting down bad guy once again. This free Android sniper game is very small and size and it’s very fun. A very small drawback is a bit excessive use of ads, but we won’t hold that against it.

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