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By | June 19, 2013

Having proper eating habits is very important if your goal is not to gain weight and to stay healthy. One of the things that certainly helps when it comes to eating healthy is knowing what it is that you’re eating, in other words, knowing what the nutritional value of food that you’re eating is. Android nutritional info app is just the thing you need, because you always have your phone with you. Nutrition Facts is one such app.

Nutrition Facts Android app nutritional info screenshot

Like every other app that we talked about, Nutrition Facts can be easily installed from the Google Play store. Initially when you run it you won’t see much. Only three buttons for searching its very rich nutritional information database, upgrading to the pro version and accessing the about page.

Nutrition Facts Android app nutritional info browsing

About page will tell you that this free Android nutritional info app has information on around 7000 different types of food ranging from fruits and vegetables to their polar opposites, Big Macs and Cokes. Info on various drinks is also available. Clicking on the Search button will open up what you can see above. This is a list of all the available foods. Browsing through that looking for a meal or a drink that you’re interested in would take a long time, unless you need info on the entries from the top (they’re sorted alphabetically).

Nutrition Facts Android app nutritional info searching

To find the nutrition info for the food you’re interested in more quickly, you can use the search tool in the top right corner, which is what you came here for in the first place. We searched for “hamburger” and nutritional info on several different types of hamburger was listed.

Nutrition Facts Android app nutritional info viewing

Once you’ve found what you’re interested in, tap on the food name and the actual nutritional information of it will come up. Nutrition Fact offers a lot of info. You get the amount of proteins, fats, calories basically a break down of all the compounds and elements that can be found in 100 grams of the selected meal/food.

Nutrition Facts is a very informative app and best of all it’s free. Paid version has additional features like info on the required daily intake for the selected items. If you’re satisfied with just knowing the nutritional info, then this free Android app is the the thing you need.

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