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By | June 22, 2013

The most important thing when it comes to math is practice. It’s of course necessary to know the theory behind it all, but problem solving is what’s gonna help put what you know know to practice. Math Worksheet Generator is a free math problem generator for Linux, Windows and Mac. It can be used to quickly generate unique math problems in a form of a test which your kid can practice on.

Math problem generator create tests free

For the time being Math Worksheet Generator comes with support for only the 4 most basic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Since this free math test generator is still in beta, it’s quite possible that more types of problems are gonna be covered in the future.

There’s just two things that you need to select before you can start creating math problems with Math Problems Generator. You need to select one of the 4 available problem types and you also need to set the number of pages that you would like to generate. With those two set, click on the Generate button.

Math problem generator create tests created test

Lots of problems get created, and they are created as a PDF document in the same directory where Maths Worksheet Generator executable is located. Note that this is a Java application. It’s what makes it possible to run it on Linux, Windows and Mac. We’ve only generated 1 page, but like we said, you can generate multiple pages of math problems at once.

Math problem generator create tests created multiplication

Addition and subtraction create two digit problems, while multiplication only generates one digit one. Division on the other hand creates two digit by one digit division. They’re mixed, random and pretty basic but for your little ones who are just starting their math adventures, they are more than enough.

Match problem creation is very easy, just three clicks and a math test, each time with unique problems is created. This free software is also portable, which means that no installation is required in order for it to run, apart from Java of course.

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