How To Print Multiple Photos On Linux With gThumb

By | June 21, 2013

Printing photos isn’t what it used to be. Now it’s very easy and practical to print photos at home. Even the cheapest printers can be used to print photos at home, without having to go out and developing your photos in a shop somewhere.

Linux photo printing is no different than photo printing on Windows, Mac or any other operating system, but it can be confusing for newcomers who don’t know which programs and settings to use. Even a simple thing like printing multiple photos on a single sheet of paper is a big mystery at first. In this article we’re gonna show you how to do just that, how to print photos, multiple photos on Linux using gThumb.

gThumb Linux Ubuntu print photos multiple

We already showed you how to easily do Linux batch image resize using gThumb. Now we’ve come across another very useful functionality of this lightweight image viewer which allows you to easily print single photos or multiple photos in just a few clicks.

How to print multiple photos on Linux with gThumb

Run gThumb, assuming that you have it installed, if not open up a software manager and install it. It should be in the repos of every major distribution. Navigate to your image collection using the file browser on the left and select all the photos that you want to print. Once you’ve done that click Print from the toolbar at the top.

gThumb Linux Ubuntu print photos multiple preview

Under General tab make sure that you’ve selected your printer. Images tab is where you’ll be able to customize the layout of photos. We selected 4 photos and decided to print them on a standard A4 photo paper. Layout that makes most sense for us is 2X2. 2 rows and 2 columns. This doesn’t have to be the layout that you use.

1X2 layout will print 2 photos on a single sheet of paper, but then you need 2 sheets, if you selected 4 photos to be printed. Size of each image and their orientation can be tweaked using the options in the bottom left corner. Other options in other tabs allow you to set output quality, print priority and so on.

gThumb Linux Ubuntu print photos multiple printer settings

Since we’re printing photos here, make sure that in printer settings you change paper type to photo and that you increase the quality of printout. When you’re done, return back to the gThumb’s print setup, click Print and you’re done. Selected image or images will be printed, it might take a bit longer than usual photos, but it’s worth it. To visit gThumb’s homepage, link is available down below.

Homepage: Click Here


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