How To Encrypt Notepad Text Files With EncryptedPad

By | June 18, 2013

Encryption is a great way how you can make sure that no one accesses your sensitive data. A very unhealthy habit that people have is that they save their usernames, passwords or in some extreme cases even credit card information in text files. This is not a good idea, for obvious reasons, but if you absolutely must do this, the very least that you can do is add encryption. Here’s how you can encrypt notepad text files with a very handy little app called EncryptedPad.

EncryptedPad notepad text encryption screenshot

You’ll probably notice right away the incredible resemblance between Notepad and EncryptedPad. Two of them are the same when it comes to text editing. EncryptedPad is actually a clone of Notepad, with the exception that you’re able to encrypt text documents that you create with it.

EncryptedPad notepad text encryption saving

Differences between the two start becoming apparent when you decode to save a document using the File >> Save As option. To encrypt notepad text files you’ll have to switch the “Save as type” option down below to Encrypted Text Document or EPD format for short. By default you’re gonna save just regular text documents (TXT), so make sure that you make the switch to encrypted text document when saving.

EncryptedPad notepad text encryption password

Four types of encryption are available, DES, RC2, Triple DES and Rijndael. Use the drop down menu to switch between them and obviously type in the password down below.

Here’s another free text encryption software for you to look at.

EncryptedPad notepad text encryption decryption

Saved documents will be associated to EncryptedPad automatically during installation. Next time that you would like to access created files, double click on them or use the File >> Open option from inside this free text encryption software. Before you’ll be able to open the document, created password needs to be typed in. Without knowing the password, it’s impossible to access the text document, so be careful.

It’s not that difficult to encrypt notepad text files with EncryptedPad. If you’re a fan of Notepad and want to see encryption feature added to it then make sure you give this free text encryption software a spin.

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