How To Crop Video With Avidemux – Video Tutorial

By | June 20, 2013

Knowing how to crop videos can come in handy in a lot of different situations. Let’s say that you have a video recording of a special occasion, wedding for example. Everything is great except you realize how cool it would be to create a separate cropped video of just the bride and groom when they are saying their vows. Well with Avidemux it’s very easy to crop videos in just a few clicks.

Best way to show how to do something is with a video, so we’ve created a video tutorial on how to crop video with Avidemux. Check it out and post a comment down below if you have any questions. The most important step of the video cropping setup is when you open up Filters and actually add the Crop Filter to the list of active filters on the right.

Avidemux crop video how to screenshot

Right away after you do that a new window will open up where you’ll be able to select the top, bottom, left and right borders of the area that you want to crop out.

Avidemux crop video how to settings

We also talked about how you can add logos to videos, make sure to check that one as well.

Green area is the crop selection, everything that’s green is gonna be cropped. Use the crop settings down below in order to adjust the size of the crop (the green area). When you’re done, click Apply. This is only a small walkthrough of the basics. We cover every step of video cropping in the video tutorial, so we’re not gonna bore you with text, if we haven’t already. To download Avidemux, click on the link down below.

Download: Click Here


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