How To Blur Video Using Kdenlive – [Video Tutorial]

By | June 1, 2013

Sometimes when sharing videos on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter we find ourselves in need of a quick and simple way how to blur and pixelize personal info shown in the video. It can be anything, faces, license plate on a car or maybe just an annoying logo from another video that you embedded to your video.

In this video tutorial we used Kdenlive and its super useful Auto-mask effect in order to blur a section of the video. Those who are not familiar with Kdenlive, it’s a free video editor, available on pretty much every Linux distribution out there and apparently on Mac and FreeBSD also, something that I wasn’t aware of when making the video.

Blur effect that comes with Kdenlive is specific because it can automatically follow the face of the person whose face you’ve blurred, if you blurred a persons face of course. Watch the video and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

kdenlive blur effect how

Something that we forgot to mention in the video is that you need to have the Obscure option selected in the effect settings.

kdenlive blur effect obscure

This option is selected by default, that’s why it slipped my mind when I was doing the tutorial. If it’s not selected then you’re not gonna see the blur but rather the opposite Denoise, if Denoise option is checked. All in all this is a very simple effect to setup. You can blur videos even if you don’t have a lot of video editing experience.


5 thoughts on “How To Blur Video Using Kdenlive – [Video Tutorial]

  1. guest

    Hey great article. what does the redline toward the center of the red square do? i have been searching and cant find any description on what it does.

    thank you,

    1. Zoran

      Hey there, thanks for the comment. I think it might be for setting a path for the blur manually, so that it moves along the path you set it to, but I can’t be sure, I haven’t used Kdenlive in quite some time, sorry….

  2. guest

    thats the same conclusion i came the evening i posted. have been testing different path to test and confirm.

    thank you for your reply. Kdenlive rocks!


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