Have Fun With Glow Hockey – Free Multiplayer Air Hockey Android App

By | June 28, 2013

In our never ending quest for fun and addicting games for Android we’ve stumbled upon something very interesting, a free Android air hockey app called Glow Hockey which allows you to enjoy everyone’s favorite pass time, air hockey, on your Android powered devices. Great thing about Glow Hockey is that it supports 2 players, this is a free multiplayer air hockey Android app, where each player takes command of one half of the screen, just like real air hockey. Device with multi-touch is required.

Android air hockey glow hockey game app menu

Like every other Android game that we talk about over here, this one can also be installed from Google Play store for free. Like most free games, it’s supported with ads. It’s also very popular so you might have crossed paths with it at some point. Main menu reveals right away that this is a multiplayer air hockey Android app, notice the 1 Payers, 2 Players option at the top.

Android air hockey glow hockey game app difficulty

If you’re playing solo you’ll be able to set game difficulty. The adventurer that I am, I of course selected easy and went along to see just what kind of amazing things await me.

Android air hockey glow hockey game app playing

Game did not disappoint, glow really was there, alongside incredibly good looking graphics. Puck glows, hitting pads glow, table walls glow and as you’re hitting the puck, sparks will fly about. All these effects are optional. They can be turned off by opening up settings. When playing in the multiplayer mode, each player gets half of the screen. For this reason you need to have multi-touch device and perhaps a bit bigger screen so you don’t bump fingers.

Android air hockey glow hockey game app multiplayer

Playing the multiplayer mode is of course the same to playing against the computer, only difference is that there will be a real life person in front of you and you of course cannot set difficulty,. Actually you can, by picking someone who sucks at air hockey to play against. This free multiplayer air hockey Android app is very fun, and very addicting. Glow Hockey can be a lot of fun playing against a computer, and infinitely more fun playing against someone else. Ads are not too intrusive and game is very small and lightweight, what more could you ask.

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