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By | June 8, 2013

If you’re a Windows user who’s interested in knowing how to easily change application icons without having to go through menus and various setting, then look no further. QIcon Changer is a free portable icon changer for Windows, which you can use to simply change application icons by dragging and dropping them, both applications and icons.

QIcon Changer change application icons Windows

You’re now probably wondering how on Earth can icons be changed by dragging and dropping applications and icons, well that’s basically how this free portable icon changer works. Screenshot above is the only thing that you’re gonna see after clicking on the executable, this is the entire interface. There’s two drag’n’drop hotspots, the one on the left called APP where you can drop either an executable or a shortcut to an executable and another one called icon on the right where you can drag and drop the icon which you’d like to see on your application.

QIcon Changer change application icons Windows setup

Here’s QIcon Changer in action. We have an application loaded on the left, and an .ICO icon loaded on the right. ICO is the only supported format. We also tried JPEG and PNG but they didn’t work, they couldn’t be loaded. Other formats might be supported, but you’ll have to test them out yourself. Once you have both the application (remember this can be an actual executable, .EXE, or a shortcut) and the icon added, you simply need to click on the Apply button.

QIcon Changer change application icons Windowsc changed icon

After clicking Apply, this free portable icon changer will do its magic and change the icon. Everything worked great for us, except for download from the main website, you’ll have to visit the Softpedia page of QIcon Changer to download it, which you can do by clicking over here. This is a portable application, so if you’re only interested in seeing how it works, you don’t have to go through the installation, which is great. Tell us what you think.


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