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By | June 11, 2013

In our quest to find the most interesting Android games out there, we came across Total Snooker Free which is a very addicting free multiplayer snooker game for Android. Just like 3D Bowling and Basketball Shootout that we reviewed a while back, Total Snooker uses the touchscreen, and only the touchscreen with which you aim the white cue ball at all the others and hopefully put away as many balls in the pockets before your opponent does.

Total Snooker Android snooker game free

Total Snooker Free is ad supported, but ads are not too intrusive. After you run it you’re gonna have to go through the usual game setup. Tutorial is available where you can find out how to play this free multiplayer snooker game, but since we were too excited, we decided to skip it.

Total Snooker Android snooker game multiplayer setup

The most important step of the game setup is the one where you setup players. Great thing about Total Snooker Free is that it supports 2 players, it’s multiplayer. Of course, if you don’t have anyone to play with, AI is also available. If you scroll down below, other game options become available. You can setup who get’s the first break, who get’s subsequent breaks, etc.

Total Snooker Android snooker game free break

Our break didn’t go all that well, as you can see from the screenshot above. Game has very decent looking graphics, despite of the fact that we were playing it on a 7″ tablet. To start aiming the white cue ball, you’re gonna have to tap on the screen and then hold the tap pressed down. You need to be careful where you position this initial tap. It can’t be just anywhere because the direction and strength of the shot will be determined how far away and where from the white cue ball you position the initial screen tap.

Total Snooker Android snooker game free shooting

Notice the very small dark spec next to the red cue balls? That’s the aiming guide of this free multiplayer snooker game for Android. You use it to determine where the white cue ball is gonna go. Total Snooker Free is very easy to use and very addicting. If you need more features Total Snooker paid version is also available, which gives you even more features.

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