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By | June 6, 2013

If you’re interested in testing the touchscreen and g-sensors of your Android powered device then Motion Ball is just the game you need. This free motion game for Android relies heavily on both of these input methods in order to help you score points and of course reach high scores.

Ball Motion game android free

Before we delve into the specifics of how to play Motion Ball, we have to decide what kind of game type we’ll be playing. Self means that you set the high score yourself, so to speak. Classic is where you need to score as much as points as humanly possible in the given time frame. Challenge is for those who have sharpened their skill to a whole new level and need something more.

Ball Motion game Android start

So how Motion Ball works exactly? Well you get a ball and the goal of the game is to navigate the ball into one of the slots up front. Trick is that you need to collect as much points as possible, and seeing how each one of those slots has a different number of points attached to it, you’re gonna have to aim and score only the slot that has the biggest point number, the number 9 slot.

Ball Motion game android scored points

Fun starts when you find out that in order to navigate the ball into the slot, you first have to use the touch screen to move the ball from the start point and then you’ll have to use g-sensors, meaning you’ll have to lean your smartphone or tablet either to the left if you need the ball to go left or right if you need the ball to go right. It’s a whole lot of fun and very interesting. Here’s a few other interesting Android games that we covered before, 3D Bowling, Basketball Shootout and Rise of the Blobs. If you’d like to give Ball Motion a try, it’s available for free installation from the Play Store.


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