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By | June 4, 2013

For those who are pimping out their desktop all the time screenshot utility is a must have. How else are you gonna show off to your friends and the entire world for that matter if you can’t create screenshots you’ll then post online. If you’re dual booting several systems, more specifically Linux and Windows, it would be nice to have the same screenshot utility which runs on both system. HotShots is just that, a free cross platform screenshot tool which runs on Linux, Windows and BSD.

HotShots screenshot utility Windows screenshot

Like many other screenshot utilities, with HotShots you get a toolbar all the way at the top where you can select to either create fullscreen screenshot (multiple monitors supported), rectangle region and freehand region, the usual. One of the options that you can also find in the toolbar is the annotation tool, which is where we’re gonna jump right away.

HotShots screenshot utility cross platform editor

The annotation tool has a lot of different tools which can help you point out the important parts of screenshots. In our case it was the address bar at the top and then again the YouTube video box little bit further down below for which we used the arrow tool. You can also see a very small section of the text that has been highlighted. Various shapes can be added, colors changed, etc.

HotShots screenshot utility cross platform options

Preferences can also be accessed from the toolbar, and we advise you that you open them up if you decide to use this free cross platform screneshot tool. There’s a lot of neat options that can be discovered here, like for example the fact that you can setup FTP upload, or upload to one of the popular image hosting service like Imgur. Hotkeys for creating screenshots using the keyboard can be assigned, and various other small program tweaks can be carried out here.

HotShots screenshot utility cross platform bottom icon

When you’re back to the main menu, you’ll notice that to create a screenshot you can also use settings down below to setup what kind of screenshot you want and then click on the Take a new snapshot to create it. Remember that this is a cross platform screenshot tool, which means that you can use the same thing on the supported Linux and BSD. Here’s instructions for Ubuntu. Hope you enjoy it. You can download HotShots by clicking on this long link.


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