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By | June 16, 2013

Note taking on Android is a lot more important than on desktop PCs or laptops, when you think about it. Your phone is always with you and it’s a lot more easier to take a phone out of a pocket and check what you’ve jotted down than it is to do the same thing with a laptop. ColorNote is a free Android note taking app, which comes with a lot of interesting features.

1 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android

When you run this free Android note taking app for the first time, the only thing you’ll see is an empty list down below and a menu in the upper right corner. Add button, the one with the plus sign on it, allows you to add either a text note or a check list. Both notes and check lists are supported by ColorNote.

2 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android adding text note

Tap on the Text option creates a new text note. Text that you’d like to save can be typed down below. At the top you can change note settings, assign different color (by default it’s yellow), change title and what’s most interesting, you can password encrypt a note, so that other people can’t access it without your permission.

3 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android ecnryption

People who don’t know the access password will not be able to view what you wrote inside a note. So basically if you’re after text encryption on Android, ColorNote can do that for you.

4 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android managing

Every new note that you create is gonna be added to the main list. From there they can be managed, edited, viewed, etc. Search tool which can be found in this free Android note taking app makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Other interesting features include note backups, reminders, notifications, built-in calendar, note sharing with other devices, etc.

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5 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android widget add

Last thing that we have to mention is the notes widget, which you also get after installing ColorNote. It can be added to workspace the usual way, by opening up Widgets and then dragging and dropping the widget to your workspace. Before widget can appear you’ll have to associate a note with it, from where it will pull text, notes and/or check list, see image above.

6 - ColorNote note taking notes free Android widgets workspace

Two sizes are available 1X1 and 2X2. The bigger one allows you to put up more text from the note that you’ve selected to be displayed. Different colors can be give to different notes, groceries can for example be green, work yellow etc. A lot of interesting features are found in this free Android note taking app, make sure that you test it out if you haven’t already.

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2 thoughts on “Free Android Note Taking App With Encryption – ColorNote

  1. Harisankar Krishna Swamy

    Since it would be really useful to send and receive encrypted notes, I recently created an app called Celatum. It also allows you to add trusted contacts using public key cryptography. Encrypted notes can be sent to these contacts in a jiffy. GMail is the preferred channel for communication.

    AES 256 bit session keys are used for notes in transition which means that there is no single key to encrypt notes in transit. Also, public key cryptography and digital signatures ensure that only your contacts can see the notes.

    Celatum for android is available at

    Looking for reviews, suggestions, opinions, features
    Harisankar Krishna Swamy

    1. FunTechTip Zoki

      Hi there, I’ll check out your app eventually, I’m swamped currently with a gazillion other things. I’ll review it for sure. Thanks for the suggestion and your comment.


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