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By | June 26, 2013

Not being in the loop about the latest fashion trends can be a huge mistake, especially if you are interested in being cool and hip, which let’s face it, most of us are secretly after. If you haven’t up until now, it’s about time for you to catch up with the times and involve your Android powered smartphone in the quest for the latest fashion trends when it comes to clothes, shoes, hats, bags, and all the other apparel. is a free Android fashion trend tracker app which can help you do exactly that.

lookbook Android fashion trend tracker alert app is actually just an app with which you can browse the very popular website on your Android smartphone. It gives you the ability to browse an optimized smartphone version of the website where there are daily posts, several of them, about what people from the very top of the fashion industry, models, professional fashion designers and even an occasional celebrity are wearing. Example post can be seen on the screenshot above.

lookbook Android fashion trend tracker alert app options

Two main categories of fashion are available, they are of course Guys and Girls. Yes that’s right, this free Android fashion trend tracker app even has tips for guys who would like to know what the latest fashion trends are. Tap on the menu in the top left corner to switch between the two, and access other website options.

lookbook Android fashion trend tracker alert app men

Here’s an example of a guy post. It’s basically the sane to a girl post with the exception that we have a guy model or a designer that’s sharing it’s fashion taste with us. Top toolbar allows you to quickly switch between posts. When you come across something interesting, tap on the title of the post to see more details.

lookbook Android fashion trend tracker alert app details

This is the best part of and by proxy this free Android fashion trend tracker. Post details show us a breakdown of everything that the person on the photo is wearing. Every piece of the outfit, in the case of the screenshot above, dress, shoes and apparels like glasses and a backpack will be listed, alongside designer name and links where you can find out more about them. requires Internet access.

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