Fix The Hulu Is Not Working Problem On XBMC

By | June 30, 2013

A very long time ago we talked about how you can change DNS servers when using XBMC on Raspberry Pi. Main reason (probably the only reason) why someone would want to change DNS servers is to access restricted content from websites like Hulu when being abroad. One of the things that we mentioned that might go wrong when using the DNS server switch trick is that content delivery service in settings of the Hulu plugin isn’t correctly set.

Hulu not working XBMC changing CDN settings plugin

Hulu is not working properly on XBMC even after changing DNS servers like we showed before? Well if you typed in the DNS server info properly, the only other thing that might be the culprit for why this very useful XBMC plugin is misbehaving is that you haven’t changed the CDN or content delivery system in the Hulu plugin settings from whatever the default one is to Akamai.

Akamai seems to be causing the least amount of problems when it comes to using the Hulu plugin on XBMC when at the same time having various IP unblocking hacks applied. Make sure that you also try to disable ad loading. Changing these two settings might not be the thing that’s causing problems on your end, but it can’t hurt try to change these, it worked for me.

Hulu not working XBMC changing CDN settings plugin open

Plugin settings for Hulu, and any other plugin that you might be using on XBMC can be accessed by right clicking on the plugin name from the main list of plugins and from the small pop-up window that comes up selecting Add-on settings, see image above.

Note that when you change DNS servers and Hulu addon settings to the ones showed above, it will take some time for the videos to be loaded. That’s just how the plugin works. Don’t give up too quickly thinking that it’s not working. It’s highly likely that it’s just loading the video. Try to change these settings and report back in the comments down below if it works or if it doesn’t and you need help.


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